Olive oil 


    Liokarpi is an extra virgin olive oil of superior quality, originating from selected olive groves of the region of Messara, in the center of Crete.

    A rich, fruity taste and various aromas, with the essence of freshly - cut grass, apple and citrus fruit aromas prevailing. A fuller bitter taste that makes it ideal to combine with a wide variety of foods. A perfect flavor-taste balance and a strong aftertaste that lasts for long



    Following a family tradition of many decades, ”Emm. Protogerakis’ Sons” has been active in production, packaging and trade of olive oil, sustaining one of the very best and most well equipped facilities in Greece. Being faithful to its values and its history, the company produces exclusively superior quality and extra low acidity extra virgin olive oil, offering a product to near perfection.


    Olive oil 


    The entire procedure of production and processing of olives is subject to the strictest quality controls, offering you a completely natural product of high nutritional value. The route of the olive seed is systematically registered through a traceability system, keeping all the information on the product from the olive grove up to your table. Every bottle has its own electronic identity and we can guarantee that PDO of Messara (protected designation of origin) is an early-harvest extra virgin olive oil with exquisite taste and aroma, a real “jewel” that will always be enriching your meals.


    ”Emm. Protogerakis’ Sons” has been active in production, packaging and trade of olive oil, olives and olive paste.

    It owns 2 state-of-the-art olive mills with 3 grinding lines in the regions of Vori and Klima.
    A fully automated olive oil bottling line and storage facilities.
    Automated olive delivery and packaging line.
    Automated olive paste production and packaging line.
    2 olive delivery lines on a state-of-the-art machine with olive oil yield estimation.


Respect for the Cretan traditional way of nutrition and dedication to the seed of the olive tree is what created the olive oil LIOKARPI

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Historical Background

Following a tradition in processing and producing olive oil since 1930, the company takes the necessary steps in order to adapt to and surpass the needs of the time, through the continuing upgrading of its facilities and the constant improvement of its procedures and methods of olive processing.



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