Vision and Values

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Our 80 years of experience in our legacy and in the strict controls on all stages of production has set high standards for our extra virgin olive oil, forming the basis for a superior product of top quality and unsurpassed taste.

No matter how good the quality of a product is, there is always room for further improvement and development. That’s why Emm. Protogerakis’ Sons aims at an ever-growing system, which is going to offer constantly upgraded services when it comes to partnerships, and an exquisite extra virgin olive oil of supreme quality when it comes to the products.

For Protogerakis Brothers, the olive oil is not just some commercially tradable product. Instead, it bears the burden of a long family tradition, a legacy with continuity and prospects. That’s why they offer their knowledge, their passion and hard work, with due regard for the environment and the consumer.

With the same passion and the constantly growing endeavors for development, “Protogerakis’ Sons” offers only the best to those who know how to recognize the real value of olive oil. Dedicated to olive oil production since 1930, “Protogerakis’ Sons” takes pride in the fact that it produces the best quality olive oil in Greece.